Established in 2018, we’re a professional chamber orchestra featuring musicians who work in Britain and internationally but were either born and bred or currently live and work in Sussex.

The group takes its name from Stane Street, the Roman road that connected London to Chichester and is, metaphorically speaking, the same road our players often take on their way to work, in the main concert halls and recording studios of London. But there’s something very special about staying near home to play concerts to our friends and neighbours!

Amongst the group, there’s a huge range of experience – our musicians play in Britain’s top orchestras; in theatres (both on and under the stage); for film sessions; in gigs and sessions with jazz, folk, rock and pop bands; etc. etc. This diversity brings an added vibrancy to our performances. We also like to explore and develop connections with other performing artists and creatives in the area to shine a brighter light on the rich seam of musical activity that we have in Sussex.